Leap of Faith


I used to draw as a kid, all the time. My parents’ walls were covered in my triangular people and endless armies of pink trees. If I go back to my old elementary school I can even pick out two clay tiles I once made along the library walls. Sometime in middle school though, I stopped wanting to show everyone what I could do mainly because I stopped thinking that I could do art at all.

High-school and college painting classes boosted my art-esteem but beyond the occasional greeting card, I still didn’t draw much. Actually, I hadn’t drawn at all last year. Although I’m a few weeks behind on the whole new years thing, I’ve decided I need to draw more and be less hesitant to share. My first drawing done in 2011 was the one above, a leap of faith…in this case, faith in myself. I’m taking a leap to believe that I can actually draw well enough to share with people, that it may be good enough for people to want to keep looking at it, and maybe that I’ll even stumble upon something cool in the process. And given my history with keeping blogs or resolutions, this is a leap of faith that I’ll actually stick it through with this one.

And so, I bring you the new rendition of Almost Tulip, the art blog. I’m hoping that at lease once a week I can post a drawing, done by me, and accompany that drawing with some sort of short journal/blog. Some of these will be about thoughts and musings, others about the week’s events, and I may even try my hand at drawing a comic or two!

So read if you’d like, comment if you’d like me to get better, and if I don’t keep up a drawing a week, by all means pester me till I do!


About Surya

Just your average first-generation South Asian American Anglophile raised on the West Coast, schooled on the East Coast and currently living in the Midwest. I have a penchant for all things brightly colored, Clarissa Dalloway, and Anne Shirley. When (if) I grow up, I want two dogs, children with surmountable issues, and a balcony. The dogs will be named Bartleby and Allistair, the names of the children and the balcony are irrelevant at this time. When I was little(er), I hated chocolate, microwaved my icecream and ate so many lemons my front teeth eroded a bit. Now that I'm (slightly) less little I hate bananas, microwave my cold-pressed coffee, and eat so many desserts I get cavities. Oh, and I was almost named Tulip.

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  1. Hooray art revivals! I impulsively bought a small notebook of watercolor paper and a palette of 12 colors about a month ago. I drew a picture of cranes (at work), but haven’t opened my notebook yet. Perhaps you should crack a metaphorical whip my way… 🙂

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