Winter, season of marshmallow people


This winter has been absurdly cold and I have sacrificed all dignity. I used to shun down coats and obstinately stick to wearing wool coats over fleeces but this winter I’ve had to resort to measures such as down coat AND North Face AND wool sweater AND tights under wool pants AND heavy socks AND snow boots AND giant hat AND giant gloves and I’m still cold. However the trees always look pretty and svelte while I bumble by with my newly acquired marshmallow figure. Seriously, winter light adds about 30 lbs to me, and takes the same away from the trees. Sure you say it’s not the light, it’s the cold and the chlorophyl and all that….but whatever. Chlorophyl doesn’t make for a fun drawing.

On a drawing note, doing the texture on that tree was a thing and a half. It was really annoying at first to do those circley things and dot them but after a while the repetition got fun. I like the texture. If you click on it you can see it bigger but it’s not as sharp in the photo as I’d like. Man I wish I had a scanner instead of this craptastic iPhone camera…..


About Surya

Just your average first-generation South Asian American Anglophile raised on the West Coast, schooled on the East Coast and currently living in the Midwest. I have a penchant for all things brightly colored, Clarissa Dalloway, and Anne Shirley. When (if) I grow up, I want two dogs, children with surmountable issues, and a balcony. The dogs will be named Bartleby and Allistair, the names of the children and the balcony are irrelevant at this time. When I was little(er), I hated chocolate, microwaved my icecream and ate so many lemons my front teeth eroded a bit. Now that I'm (slightly) less little I hate bananas, microwave my cold-pressed coffee, and eat so many desserts I get cavities. Oh, and I was almost named Tulip.

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  1. I do not miss winter for precisely the reason you state above.
    I believe that one should be able to wear as little as possible still be quite warm.
    Boo, winter. (Though sexy trees are, perhaps, a loss.) 🙂

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