The Relief of Closed Doors


Sometimes There is a Huge Relief to Closing Doors

Usually as a rule I believe in openings and not endings. I believe in keeping doors open to whatever they may lead but this weekend I learned differently. I learned that sometimes it can be a huge relief to close a door through which no real good will come, no matter how dazzling the bad may seem. This image had been floating in my mind since.


About Surya

Just your average first-generation South Asian American Anglophile raised on the West Coast, schooled on the East Coast and currently living in the Midwest. I have a penchant for all things brightly colored, Clarissa Dalloway, and Anne Shirley. When (if) I grow up, I want two dogs, children with surmountable issues, and a balcony. The dogs will be named Bartleby and Allistair, the names of the children and the balcony are irrelevant at this time. When I was little(er), I hated chocolate, microwaved my icecream and ate so many lemons my front teeth eroded a bit. Now that I'm (slightly) less little I hate bananas, microwave my cold-pressed coffee, and eat so many desserts I get cavities. Oh, and I was almost named Tulip.

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  1. Love the shades. The figure looks like it has sad eyes, but a wee smile. I wonder which way it’ll go? Perhaps the smile, full of meaning, will reach her eyes. The slumped shoulders draw attention to the strength and sureness of the extended arm and leg. Take care, dear.

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