Wishing Love


I despise Valentines day. Valentines day is tacky with a capital T. The one Valentines day I spent with a boyfriend sucked, too much pressure to do something and too little genuine emotion. I appreciate small gestures more than grand ones and I’d rather be surprised on a random day of the year than the one day  where peer pressure forces cuteness upon us. Also, the store displays are painful. That much pink and cute everywhere is just vomitrocious.

However, I do have many people I  love who are in all sorts of far-flung corners of the earth. Recently, many of them have been huge ballers and just doing fabulous things with their lives. So I’m giving in to the hearts and straying close-ish to the pink and dedicating a doodle to them. On this stupid holiday, I am wishing and sending love to my very not stupid very much beloved friends. Ta-da!


About Surya

Just your average first-generation South Asian American Anglophile raised on the West Coast, schooled on the East Coast and currently living in the Midwest. I have a penchant for all things brightly colored, Clarissa Dalloway, and Anne Shirley. When (if) I grow up, I want two dogs, children with surmountable issues, and a balcony. The dogs will be named Bartleby and Allistair, the names of the children and the balcony are irrelevant at this time. When I was little(er), I hated chocolate, microwaved my icecream and ate so many lemons my front teeth eroded a bit. Now that I'm (slightly) less little I hate bananas, microwave my cold-pressed coffee, and eat so many desserts I get cavities. Oh, and I was almost named Tulip.

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  1. your first paragraph, with your permission i would like to add in a one of my notes that I write every now and then. Just reading over the “about you section” boggles my already confused mind. Bartleby is an interesting name for a dog. Tulips, nice doodle it caught my attention the “pink”.

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